XIANG YI MOTORS is originate from professional car aero kit design and development company in 1998. They make CARBON working on car aero kit by pressing. Production by themselves simply and precisely since 2004. The quality was stand on accumulated experience and confirmed by foreign customers for many years. America, Japan and England is the largest order area presently.

The car aero kit developement by themselves can reach the best stable control, extend CARBON's life effectively and application extensively. They can co-operate with local market to design customize manufactures. Major in developing BMW,BENZ,VW,PORSCHE,AUDI and Japan series super car nowadays. Variety of products in stock are supplying.

XIANG YI MOTORS CO., LTD. Office:A,1F.,NO161,Zhongyuan St.,San-Xia Dist,New Taipiei City,23742,Taiwan,R.O.C.
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